Bigger Brainiac: Bugs Bunny or Willy Wonka?

blogEntryTopperIn the never-ending debate of who might be the smartest fictional character (no such debate, I just made it up), I’ve always been partial to Bugs Bunny. It’s hard to bet against him when you watch how easily he manipulates Elmer Fudd and tools Daffy Duck (granted, not the sharpest tools in the shed, but they’re no Wily Coyote, either).

New research on chocolate and cognitive function suggests there may be a new player in the game, though … the whimsical Willy Wonka, owner of his own chocolate factory.

On a serious note, there is solid research suggesting that cognition can be affected by nutrition. Read on, Macduff…

Of Drunks, Lampposts, and P-values

When it comes to discussion, data rules, right? If it's data, then it has to be fact. And if it is a fact, it has to be accepted. End of discussion!

I've never really been comfortable with that position. My discomfort principally revolves around two concerns. First, are we really sure about these so-called facts? And, secondly, have we critically examined the facts, or are we using the facts more, as they say, for support than illumination?

I have always loved that quip about facts and illumination. QuoteInvestigator attributes the earliest version of the allegory of drunks and lampposts to A. E. Housmann's critique of his colleagues' scholarship: Read on, Macduff…